February 7, 2016

Sunday Steal...

Do You Own A Tablet Of Any Kind?
Yup. I have an iPad.

What’s Something People Always Assume About You That Isn’t True? 
That I speak fluent Spanish. I speak Spanglish.

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Much Do Elevators Scare You? 
I don't care for elevators but they don't terrify me, so 4 to 5.

When You’re Upset, Do You Vent To People Or Do You Keep To Yourself?  
I'm Cuban. I vent.

Have You Ever Watched A Meteor Shower?  
I haven't.l

Do You Tend To Put Things Off Until The Last Minute?  

How Do You React To Random Strangers Suddenly Trying To Make Conversation With You?  
Depends on my mood to be completely honest. I can be nice and talk to them or I can pretend to be crazy.

Do You Have A Lucky Number?  

Would You Go Out To Dinner With Oprah? 
If she is paying.

Did You Ever Play Sports?  

Do You Feel Guilty If You Throw Food Away?  

Do You Think You Could Make It As A Baker?  
I bake some awesome bread and cakes but no I don't.

Are You One Of Those People Who Are Wearing Scarves With Everything?  

Have You Ever Been In A Castle?  
I have not but I've been inside Buckingham Palace.

When You Were Little, Did You Ever Play With Playdoh?  
Hell yeah I did. I was playing with Playdoh last time I was at my friend's house with her kids.

Would You Rather Write A Mystery Or Love Story?  

Tell Me About Your Worst Fashion Mistake:  
I wore a number of questionable items in the late 90's early 2000's.

Do You Hate It When People Smoke Around You?  
Yes I do.

How Are You Wearing Your Hair Right Now?  
Up in a clip with my sunglasses on the top of my head.

When’s The Last Time You Were Sick?  
I have actually been super sick on and off for the past two-ish weeks. That's why there has been a lack of posts because I've honestly been feeling shitty and no up to doing anything but sleeping.

Would You Rather Have OJ Or Milk With Your Breakfast?  
Orange juice all the way.

What Were You Doing Thirty Minutes Ago?  
Dealing with work stuff, specifically I was ordering books on female soccer players. I'm the Sunday librarian today.

Do You Own Any School Related Clothing Articles?  
I have some college hoodies.

Would You Rather Call People Or Have Them Call You?  
Either. I don't mind phone calls.

Can You Carry A Tune?  
Yes I can. Ask anyone who was at karaoke with me recently. 

Who Was The Last Person Who Unexpectedly Texted You?
I get texts from all the same people all the time.

Who Do You Text The Most?
I text Justin and my sister a lot. I get a lot of texts from Lenni.

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