April 11, 2016

Saturdays Are For Brunch | Day Drinking In NYC...

As you may or may not know, baseball season is once again upon us and that means that I am a baseball widow from now until October. And because I refuse to let this fact bring me down, especially this year because Justin has a Saturday ticket plan instead of a Sunday one and he only bought tickets for himself, I've decided to make plans for all of the days Justin will be at baseball games and I started with opening weekend brunch this past Saturday.

So basically, while Justin was getting ready to watch baseball earlier last week, I was plotting with Day a day drinking extravaganza. And boy was there plotting and planning. Day sent me over a list of brunch spots based on the type of food they served, the alcoholic beverages included and the amount of time that you were able to spend at X restaurant. Once we picked out our spot, Vamos! Tacos & Tequila, we moved on to brunch outfits (We each got brunch shirts) and this just went on from there (You name it, we did it and all in the name of getting brunch drunk).

When Saturday actually rolled around we both met up at Toni's house (Who wasn't actually joining us for brunch) earlier than one would actually think that you'd need to. Got ready and caught the LIRR to start our day drinking adventure.

After over an hour train ride, two subway lines and a five block walk in the rain we made it to our destination. But we couldn't get our day drinking on just yet, we had to wait for Liz to arrive (Who took forever, sorry for blowing up your spot Liz).

Once she got to the restaurant it was on and we had a blast. We drank frozen margaritas, ate super yummy food and just had the best time dancing in our seats (Vamos! has a live DJ from 11AM-4PM on Saturdays and he was playing some awesome music) and acting like fools. 
Thankfully because the weather was pretty crappy outside we got to sit at our table way longer than the 90 minutes that the restaurant normally gives people. But eventually we decided to get up and sit at the bar to continue our drinking and carrying on. While we were at the bar Day's coworker Melissa showed up and we just had the best time.
At some point, we decided we needed to move on and we took a cab to Off The Wagon because Liz's friend is a bartender there and we needed a change of scenery (Plus I absolutely love that place). Unfortunately not long after getting there Day decided that she wanted to head back to Long Island, so we said our goodbyes, ran next door to Artichoke for some pizza and caught a cab back to Penn Station.
Can I tell you, if the rest of baseball season goes on like this I'm not gonna miss Justin (Sorry love) because we had the best time ever and I cannot wait to get the others together and do it all over.

Viva la brunch!!

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