July 27, 2016

Coming This Fall | Netflix Is About To Take Over My Life...

Netflix announced today that their Gilmore Girls revival will officially be out Friday, November 25th at 3:00AM EST and I am so beyond pumped, especially since there was a teaser trailer along with the announcement!

For those of you that haven't seen it, here it is...

I am so excited and I will definitely be planning a Gilmore Girls themed sleepover that I'm going to invite all my Gilmore Girls loving friends to and there will be lots of coffee and Pop-Tarts. I cannot wait!

In addition to new Gilmore Girls, Netflix announced that they would be releasing new episodes of Black Mirror on Friday, October 21st. So I am just super happy today.

For a list of all of the Netflix original series airing through 2017 check out this Variety article.

Are you excited for either of both or these series? Or maybe one of Netflix's other original series? Lemme know!

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