October 15, 2016

Life Update...

Last night while playing video games with Phil and Rob, Justin said to me that I was neglecting my blog. And because he of all people said that I thought that I should hop on here and just write.

As you know, my last post was recapping the first half of our trip to Asia and honestly, it took forever to get that one post done. I have part of the second half done but I'm dreading really getting into it because the first post was very draining (We did a lot while away and it's all meshing together, so I have to rack my brain to think of what we did, where we did it, etc). Plus I do do work at work, unlike what people think (This is me throwing shade at my friends and family who think I don't do anything at work, which is not true). So I'm going to get that done but not this week.

Also throughout the past couple of weeks I've been just busy with life and work stuff. I became Page Supervisor at work, so the Pages are driving me crazy. I'm also back in school. I went to New York Comic Con with Chas and got to hang out with some of her old coworkers from IGN. I "crashed" my sister's future brother-in-law's wedding. I attended my first quinceaƱera and got very drunk in the process. Justin and I had dinner with Phil and Rob last night, and it was the first time I'd seen Rob since the rafting trip in July. And today I'm going wedding dress shopping with my sister.

So yeah, it's not that I'm trying to neglect anyone or anything I've just been busy. But that being said, I'm going to make more of an effort and try to get myself writing more because it sucks when your husband throws shade at you about your blog.

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