November 3, 2016

50 Random Facts About Me...

  1. Because I tried to dye my hair from red to silver (Which was a huge mistake) I destroyed my hair way more than it already was and had to cut it off a few months back. And now I am totally missing my long hair and am contemplating getting hair extensions.
  2. There are always two types of peanut butter and jam in the apartment because I like smooth peanut butter and strawberry jam, while Justin likes chunky peanut butter and raspberry jam.
  3. I am obsessed with getting Sephora points and will not buy beauty products from other stores if I can get them at Sephora.
  4. I have a little notebook where I write all the dumb funny shit Justin says to me.
  5. My right pinkie is larger than my left pinkie and because of that my nailbeds are different on both of those fingers, so I have to use significantly different fakes nails on my pinkies. Which looks funny if you put my pinkies next to each other.
  6. I eat French fries with BBQ sauce.
  7. The last handful of books I've read for pleasure have been nonfiction and I don't remember the last fiction book I read.
  8. I speak to my sister almost everyday, unless we are fighting. 
  9. Driving in the Five Boroughs makes me want to cry and sometimes I do.
  10. I am Page Supervisor at my library.
  11. My college friends once thought that I was given a membership card to the liquor store that we used to frequent (Or I used to frequent because they were all underage) because of the amount of booze I was walking out of the store with one day. I had a lottery scratch off game in my hand. It's still a running joke 10 years later.
  12. Gluten free pretzels are my crack. 
  13. I magnets from every place I've visited next to my desk at work.
  14. I wear my wedding band in front of my engagement ring because my engagement ring is too big and it cannot be resized. But because of that people never notice my wedding band and people are constantly congratulating me on my engagement.
  15. Meta Knight is my go to Super Smash Bros. character.
  16. I have Donald & Daisy Duck Tsum Tsums in my car. 
  17. I love drawing with felt tip markers.
  18. I've known Phil, Erin, Day, Toni, etc. for almost twenty years.
  19. The only melon I like is watermelon.
  20. My friends and I try to go to brunch in New York City once a month.
  21. The background on my iMac at work consists of various Hamilton lyrics.
  22. In terms of my sister and I, people don't know which one of us is the older one or the younger one. 
  23. I love cheap sweet champagne.
  24. Justin and I have a bunch of the Starbucks $2.00 reusable cups because they are the best cups ever to hide booze in. Especially when on the beach or in the parking lot tailgating at a baseball game.
  25. Mysteries At The Museum (2010 - Present) is my go to show if it's on.
  26. I hate people who think they're special because they are getting married.
  27. Because I love rice there is always a twenty pound bag in my apartment.
  28. My last name is hyphenated but no one calls me by my hyphenated name, they call me by Justin's last name. Which really pisses me off because if I would have known I wouldn't have hyphenated my damn last name.
  29. I have a collection of Instagram photos on my phone that I want to recreate with my friends.
  30. I buy all of my headscarves from the thrift store.
  31. I've dropped out of a bridal party before.
  32. Toni's son says I have claws because my nails are a cross between almond & stiletto shaped. 
  33. I am the only person at my job that actually knows how to use our 3D Printer.
  34. The only foods Justin and I have delivered to our apartment are Turkish and Japanese food.
  35. My all time favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 30.
  36. I have a birthmark on my neck that looks like a little hickey.
  37. It says my name is Missy on my e-mail for the blog. 
  38. Listening to kiddie iPad games makes me want to jam pens in my ears.
  39. I don't really like chocolate. 
  40. On my old car I had window stickers of a TARDIS and a Dalek.
  41. If Justin and I ever get a house with a yard I am going to get a bat house.
  42. I pick caraway seeds off everything bagels because I love everything bagels but hate caraway seeds.
  43. Justin says I'm an 'A' cook but a 'C' housekeeper and I agree.
  44. One of my dream trips is to visit Antarctica via Argentina.
  45. I'm on Team Valor in Pokemon Go. 
  46. I like to go to sleep with ghost shows on in the background.
  47. My sister has paid for both of my tattoos as birthday presents to me. 
  48. I am the only person in my apartment who drinks orange juice, so I drink it out of the container.
  49. I only buy pasta in bags. I don't like pasta in boxes.
  50. I have a collection of LEGO people on my desk at work.

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