November 16, 2016

Things I Hate | Commercials Featuring Librarians...

True story, I hate commercials that feature libraries and/or librarians. They always seem to perpetuate the stereotype of the stuffy uptight librarian who is shushing people, which pisses me off beyond belief.

I know, I know... You're all probably like what sparked this random post? It's the damn Kit Kat commercials that I keep seeing...

I hate absolutely everything about this commercial. I hate the shushing. I hate the tight hair in a bun (Yes, I know I wear my hair in a tight bun on the regular). I hate the doubty clothing. I hate the idea that a "handsome" man and some chocolate can get someone to ignore wrongdoings.

Sorry about the mini rant. It's just that this commercial seriously pisses me off every time I see it and I just wanna scream at the TV.

Are there any commercials that piss you off? Lemme know!

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