February 21, 2017

Brunch & Wine...

While mostly everyone I knew had a three day weekend this past weekend, I only had Sunday off. So since it has been unseasonably warm here in New York I made sure to take advantage of it on my day off.

Sunday started off with me pouting at Justin that I wanted to do something because it was supposed to be sixty degrees in the middle of February. So we decided that we'd go have brunch a few towns over and go for a walk at one of the near by parks which is close to the water.

We went and had this fantastic brunch at a restaurant called Salt & Barrel, where I got tipsy right quick because I hadn't eaten all day (And I'm getting old).
While tipsy I ended up texting Day about how I wanted the next Fat Kid them to be brunch with all the bells and whistles. And in the middle of that she informed me that she, Toni and Toni's sister-in-law Jamie were heading to this little hidden vineyard about fifteen-twenty minutes from where Justin and I were having brunch.

So I ask Justin if he minded joining the girls at the vineyard. He didn't, so we finished our awesome meal (This place was really fantastic, we made a reservation to eat there for our anniversary next week and I'm going to contact the manager about possibly throwing my sister's bridal shower there) and drove out to Loughlin Vineyard.

We spent hours just sitting outside drinking bottles of their South Bay Breeze (Which is a blush wine), enjoying the warm weather and chatting about various things.
Eventually Alana saw on Snapchat that we were at the vineyard and she texted Day asking how much longer we'd be there. We told her we had no plans on leaving just yet, so she showed up and we hung out until right before the vineyard closed.

It was just this awesome impromptu day and I cannot wait to do it again.


  1. yum that looks delicious! What did you end up ordering?

    1. It was so good we actually went back last night for a pre-anniversary dinner. That day I had their brussel sprout salad which was crispy brussel sprouts, wild mushrooms, honey crisp apple, pomegranate seeds and maple toasted breadcrumbs. It was the best salad I've ever had.

      Last night we did the 3 Course Prix Fixe Menu and we were so happy.