February 1, 2017

Preschool Yoga & Wary Grandparents...

Here's something I haven't had for you in a while, a work story...

So yesterday I was sitting at the reference desk after one of our bigger programs ended and one of the regular grandmothers walks up to me. She starts asking me about various age appropriate programs that she and her husband (Who looks like the grandfather from Jurassic Park, so much so that I refer to him as John in the office) could bring their granddaughter to. I start rattling off programs and the last one I mentioned was yoga for preschoolers. Once the word "yoga" left my mouth she made a face and said that they were wary of yoga because of "All of the Middle Eastern stuff and that they are good Christians..."

As taken aback as I was, I just looked at her and said that since the class was targeted towards preschoolers that I was pretty sure that there was no actual "Middle Eastern stuff" and it was more like little kids in a circle on yoga mats stretching. I assured her that I'd check for her, so right now I'm waiting for the yoga class to end so I can tell the yoga instructor about the ridiculousness of the grandmother from yesterday, as well as report back to our good Christian grandparents.

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