June 4, 2017

Sunday Steal...

1. How Old Do You Look?
People think I'm still in my mid/late twenties and don't think I'm thirty-two.

2. Where Do You Live?

Long Island.

3. Are You Waiting For Something?
To go on vacation to Spain in two weeks.

4. What’s One Pet Peeve Of Yours That Is Not Common?

I don't think I have any unusual pet peeves.

5. Do You Want/Have Kids?
I don't have any children. In terms of wanting them, sometimes I do and other times I don't.

6. Have You Ever Thought About Converting Your Religion?

7. Last Shocking News You Heard?
Family stuff...

8. What Was The Last Thing You Drank?
Wild Cherry Pepsi.

9. Who Do You Most Look Like In Your Family?

People tell me I look like my Abuela... People tell me I look like my mom...

10. If You Could Have Something Right Now, Anything, What Would It Be?

11. Where Does Most Of Your Family Live?
New York.

12. Where Did You Grow Up?
Long Island born and raised.

13. Where Do You Want To Go On Vacation?

14. Have You Ever Had A Panic Attack?

Yes but they aren't something that occur on a regular basis.

15. What Can’t You Wait For?
My trip to Spain in two weeks!

16. When’s The Last Time You Told Someone You Loved Him Or Her & Meant It?

17. Have Your Parents Ever Smoked Pot?

Not my business to say...

18. Want Someone Back In Your Life?


19. What Do You Order At The Bar?
I'm a basic college bitch at heart and I order amaretto sours, which Day hates. Or hard ciders with shots of Fireball.

20. When Was The Last Time You Cried Really, Really Hard?

I honestly don't remember.

21. What Are Your Nicknames?
Not telling...

22. What Is Your Favorite Thing To Eat With Peanut Butter?
Apples but I could totally have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now.

23. Where Were You On July 4th, 2008?
Probably hanging out with my friends and Justin. If you would have asked about July 4th, 2009 I could have told you exactly what I was doing.

24. If You Could Go Forward In Time, How Far Forward Would You Go?
Two weeks... Can you tell that I really want to go on my vacation?

25. If You Could Go Back In Time, How Far Back Would You Go?

Like back in my time line? Back as far as I want to go not in my time line?

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