February 18, 2018

Sunday Steal

1. What Is Your Middle Name & What Is A Middle Name You'd Rather Have Instead? Why? 
If I won't tell you my first name, why would I tell you my middle name? I don't mind my middle name. It's actually the name my mother calls me unless I'm in trouble, and then she calls me by my first and middle name.

2. How Would You Spend $1MM (You Have To Spend Every Penny!) 
 Traveling around the World and eating amazing food.

3. Yellow Light - Speed Up Or Slow Down?? 
Depends on how far away from the light I am.

4. What Was The Last Movie You Saw & What Did You Like/Dislike About It? 
The last movie I saw in a theater was The Shape of Water (2017) and I enjoyed it very much so. But I tend to enjoy most of the films that have Guillermo del Toro's name attached to them.

The last movie I watched at home was The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) on Netflix. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't a total piece of garbage and I enjoyed it for what it was.

5. If A Movie Was Made About You, Who Would Portray You In That Movie? 
A younger Janeane Garofalo.

6. What Is The Strangest Thing You've Eaten & What Did It Taste Like? 
I tried Durian (Which is a smelly fruit native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia) while I was in Hong Kong. I was made into desserts, so I didn't get the pungent smell that is the biggest complaint about it. But I don't remember enjoying it. It's definitely an acquired taste.

7. What Color Is Your Bathroom? 
Dark teal-green color.

8. If You Could Vacation Anywhere In The World RIGHT NOW, Where Would It Be & Why? 
Right at this very second, I guess I'd wanna be somewhere warm because it's winter. Maybe like somewhere in South America or Australia. If it wasn't cold and I wasn't thinking about it in terms of being in a warm environment, I'd wanna be in Croatia. Which is hopefully going to be our next vacation destination.

9. What Is Your Least Favorite Thing To Cook? 
I don't like cooking meat because I don't eat it.

10. What Is The Dish You Make That Your Family Rolls Their Eyes At? 
Nothing to my knowledge. My family likes my cooking and I always ask what people want to eat.

11. What Are Three Things On Your Bucket List? 
  • Visit where my family is from in Cuba
  • Become a certified scuba diver
  • Take a submarine to where the Titanic currently rests
12. How Many Skeins Of Yarn Do You Think You Are Currently Hoarding? 
I might have like two or three scattered around my apartment. Not too many.

13. Today Is My Birthday. What Virtual Gift Are You Going To Give Me? 
Well my birthday is in less than two weeks, what are you gonna give me?

14. What Is Your Favorite Candy? 
I don't really do candy often but when I do I'll go for like a Take5 candy bar.

15. What Is Your Favorite Time Of The Day & Why? 
The time I get to go home from work, because I'm free...

16. If You Could Call In Sick For A Day, What Would You Do With The Time? 
If I call in sick and I'm not actually sick I'm probably doing something cool. Like that one time I called in sick and waited in line for hours to get tickets to see Foo Fighters at Irving Plaza for the tiny pop up show they did when their HBO documentary/miniseries Sonic Highways (2014) was on.

17. How Much Did Your Last Crafting Run Cost You? 
Um, the last time I crafted something was mine and Justin's Halloween costumes. So like less than $100 for both of us to be The Keymaster and the Gatemaster from Ghostbusters (1984).

18. Can You Play A Musical Instrument & If So, Which One? 
Nope. Which is really sad because my father is a musician.

19. What Is Your Least Favorite Craft That You Still Do? Why? 
I don't do anything that I don't enjoy.

20. If You Could Have Any Job For Just One Day, What Would It Be & What Would You Do?
Maybe a Homicide Detective or an FBI Profiler. Something like that would be fun for a day because murder and stuff like that is fascinating to me (Yes, I'm a creep).

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