April 28, 2018

Mother Of Chickens

For the first time in a long time we talked my Department Head into doing something fun here at the library, hatching chickens (Which we're surprised we got the okay for because of the initial investment in things like training for me, an incubator, automatic egg turner, brooder box, heat lamp, etc. was a few hundred dollars).

So for the past month (Kinda, sorta because I dipped out and went to Costa Rica for almost two weeks, which is a totally different blog post) yours truly has been tending to chicken eggs and now to eight baby chicks that are too cute not to share with all of you...

As cute as they are, I must say that this has been a slightly stressful experience. Mostly during the incubation period (Which lasts twenty-one days) because we had several power outages and some issues with the humidity in the incubator (Like it was to the point that the ladies and I thought that we might not have any hatch). But thankfully everything turned out well and eight out of the ten eggs hatch.

Despite all that and a few other minor hiccups, I look forward to doing it again next year because the patrons and staff absolutely love having them around.

If anyone has any questions about the whole incubation process or whatever lemme know! I had to sit through almost a three hour educational training class in order to ever do this, so I know more than you think I would about chicken reproduction, incubation, etc.

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