May 25, 2018

My Photos Are Back | Photobucket Set Our Photos Free

So as I was working on my post for A Fantastic Woman yesterday, I was going through my previous movie posts just for reference when I noticed that all of my older posts had their photos back (Which made me feel like screaming and jumping up and down for joy because I'm so happy).

As you may or may not know, last summer the photo server Photobucket went under a bunch of new changes and decided that they would no longer allow posting on third party websites. Causing myself and a tons of other people to lose all of their photos on their blogs. Which, in addition to all of the bullshit I'd been dealing with (And still are dealing with), was so disheartening to me and made me feel like I had wasted the past seven years blogging.

When I went to look into why my photos were back I saw this tweet from Photobucket:

And after seeing that I went straight to the website to see what was going on. Apparently, like the tweet says, they are under new management and revamped their plan options to now allow third party hosting for those who pay for an account (Which they were doing last year but for a stupid amount of money).

Here's their new pricing break down from the website for anyone interest:

When you sign up for a Photobucket account, you are prompted to select a plan.  

Our Beginner plan is our free plan and includes:      
  • 2 GB of storage space (Approximately 400 photos). 
If you need more storage or access to 3rd Party Image Hosting, you'll want to upgrade your account to one of our paid subscriptions plans. With a paid Photobucket plan, you receive all the benefits of the Beginner plan, plus many more! 

Please visit the following link to upgrade: Choose Your Plan 

The cost of a paid account varies depending on your needs. Please note, yearly subscriptions are billed annually.  

Beginner +
  • You may choose to pay either monthly at $2.49/month or yearly for $26.99/year (equivalent to $2.25/month).     
  • 2 GB of storage space (Approximately 400 photos). 
  • You may choose to pay either monthly at $6.49/month or yearly for $69.99/year (equivalent to $5.83/month).     
  • 20 GB of storage space (Approximately 4,000 photos). 
When you upgrade your plan, you gain the following benefits:     
  • 3rd Party Image Hosting: Link the photos you have uploaded to Photobucket to your forums, blogs or other websites for viewing.     
  • No Advertisements: Enjoy an ad free Photobucket experience as long as you are logged into your Plus account.     
  • Premium Support: You have direct access to our tech support team.
Now that they are offering photo hosting for a reasonable amount, I went and got myself an Intermediate Plan. And I feel a renewal of energy to continue blogging because I was really so upset last summer when I lost everything. It was just heartbreaking to me.

So, are you just as happy as I am about Photobucket setting photos free and giving us reasonable options? Or are you done with them for doing everyone dirty last year? Lemme know!

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