June 1, 2018

Month In Review: May 2018

♥ Meeting my niece.
♥ Justin buying me a box of roses from Venus ET Fleur.
♥ Mother's Day dinner with my family.
♥ Celebrating my sister's 31st birthday.
♥ Hanging out with Day at her new apartment in Brooklyn.
♥ Planning a big group outing to a Mets game for later in the summer.
♥ Seeing "In The Heights" off off off Broadway.
♥ Meeting Sir Pugs-a-Lot.
♥ Finding out that all of my photos were back on the blog.
♥ Celebrating Christopher's 7th birthday.

Hanging Out With Day In Brooklyn
Lost Dog
Everything Is Coming Up Roses | Venus ET Fleur
My Photos Are Back | Photobucket Set Our Photos Free

Guy's Ranch Kitchen (2017 - Present)

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