June 30, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight...

Day 28 — This year, in great detail
Here is my 2010 as thus far a la bullets...
  • I turned 25 this year & had an awesome party
  • This year is the 7th year I've been dating Justin
  • I booked a trip to Europe with Erin
  • I went the Empire State Building for the 2nd time in my life
  • I joined Weight Watchers™
  • I got to go to Fire Island again
  • I got Justin to promise me he'd buy me an iPhone 4™
  • I went to BookExpo America
  • I finished my last actual class for my masters degree, all I have left is my internship
  • I got to see the Mets win a game in the first time in over a year -- They lost every game I went to last year
  • I bought Utley & he is still alive
  • I went to a bunch of meetings for work
  • I joined a gym
  • I ate a lobster roll for the first time ever
  • I saw West Side Story on Broadway
  • I went to two beer related events

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