July 24, 2010

Overdue Archives: You're The Librarian?!?!..

One day during the summer of 2008 while I was off I was driving somewhere with all of my windows blasting music. I stop at a red light and notice that the kids in the car next to me (they were in a convertible and I recognized the kids from my storytime) are waving at me saying something, and their grandfather who was driving was giving me a dirty look, so I lowered my music. The grandfather looks at me and said "Good, you lowered your music!" The light changes I keep driving. Next red light the car is still next to me and the kids are still waving at me. The grandfather looks at me and says "They are saying you're the librarian. Are you really the librarian?!" I nod and say that I am. He makes a face at me and drove away once the light changed.

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