July 24, 2010

Beach Day...

Today was glorious. I woke up at 11:30am and then Justin & I drove to Erin's to go to the beach with her and a few other people -- Before we did we stopped off so I could buy a new bathing suit because mine went M.I.A. after our last trip to the beach. We tanned, they drank, we went swimming and we had a wonderful day.

While ate the beach I got stopped by a woman who was like "You're the girl that works in the library!" I confirmed that I indeed am "the girl that works in the library" before running away without being totally rude because I don't need patrons talking to me while I'm in a bathing suit, it's just odd. I mean I get stopped all the time. The other day while I went shopping during my split shift I got stopped by two different sets of people in the store I was in. When I went to the fair with Erin I got stopped or talked about probably four or five times. It happens often, but I'm awkward every time it happens because I just wanna do what I gotta do.

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