July 27, 2010

Rock Lobster...

I had a lovely day at work. I snacked on a lobster claw that was bigger than my hand (Which I received from our awesome security guard -- It was the best lobster claw ever because it made "Julia" jealous to the point where she was passive aggressive and I got to be nasty to her) and I got to hangout at a local park with other community organizations to promote the services they provide for families and children -- It got me out of the building and I got to tan!

I only encountered two brats the whole time at the park -- Which was about two and a half hours. One gave me attitude about the craft I brought with me for the children to do ("Don't you have something else for us to color?!" -- She must have been around six-years-old) and the other one was just running around trying to steal my freebies off the table with her paint filled hands.

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