July 27, 2010

STPS: Phone Calls...

Before I left the library to go to the park I was inspired by a stupid patron to start typing out on bookcards the stupid things they say. Because patrons really do say a lot of stupid things. Case in point: One day Lenora has an adult patron ask her for books on "real unicorn horses" as opposed to fake mythical unicorn horses. She tried to explain to him that they weren't real and lets just say that didn't go over well. Said patron came back at another point in time and asked for non-fiction books on "genie lamps" -- I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted to.

So, here is the first ever "Stupid Things Patrons Say" card:

The patron was very upset because the book she wanted "How to Eat Fried Worms" by Thomas Rockwell (1953) was not in the library when she came in. So she wanted to know if the next time if came in if someone ran across it if they could give her a call. It was just as if the woman had never heard of interlibrary loaning (ILL) and it was a new concept libraries just came up with when we told her about it. It was horrifically stupid. I am not doing any justice to the stupidity, it really needs to be verbalized.

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