August 17, 2010

Another Boring Day...

Work was boring today, but I did notice that all of our "bad" kids are starting to trickle back in -- This means school is about to start up again. So I'm preparing myself for all of the problems that come along with the school year. Aside from that I had another video game night, so I spent three hours of my day at work playing video games --I love my job.

What did killed me today was the fact that our security brought in fried shrimp and some other goodies from my favorite seafood place for myself, my department head and one of my other coworkers to eat and when he offered "Julia" a piece of shrimp she denied him because she is on Weight Watchers®. What is wrong with this you ask? She ate two big ass brownies a half an hour before he came in. I almost called her out on her brownie consumption, but instead I mocked her behind her back.

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