August 19, 2010

Craft Demo Disaster...

As Youth Services Department Librarians, myself and my coworkers get to do a lot of arts & crafts with the kids that come in and we have to make a lot of craft demos -- We make demos of the crafts we are doing to try and draw a bigger crowd, because when they see what the craft is going to look like ahead of time they tend to sign up and actually show up.

That being said, the other day "Julia" had a craft demo she had to make and it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen -- I mean, she has made ugly things in the past but I'm pretty sure this one took the cake. It was so bad I felt the need to make a proper demo to show people how good the craft could actually look. Here are the two side-by-side.

How ugly is that turtle?! I would never bring my child to a library craft program if the demos looked like that. I don't understand putting out a product that looks like that.

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