August 6, 2010

Philadelphia Part Deux...

Day two in the city of brotherly love has thus far been spent roaming around Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) and the Philadelphia Zoo.

Justin and I woke up early to find breakfast and work our way over to Eastern State (1829-1971). We spent a good two and a half hours wandering around what is considered to be the world's first true penitentiary -- I took over two hundred photos in that time. We walked around various cell blocks, got to go inside of some of the cells, saw some interesting art, we got to see Al Capone's cell (He spent eight months in ESP), etc. It was really interesting, especially since I have this odd love of old penitentiaries, mental asylums and ghosts -- I have to go through my photos to see if I caught anything.

After we were done at Eastern State we hopped on a trolley and headed to America's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo (1874).We spent a few hours there chillin' and looking at the animals. We didn't see everything because it was hot out and we were tired after spent hours walking around Eastern State. Once we were done at the zoo we headed back to the hotel and had a late lunch before washing up and taking naps.

In addition to the big attractions we saw we also got to see the "Rocky Stairs" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (You would not believe how many people actually run up those stairs and pretend to be Rocky), we saw one of Auguste Rodin's original castings of "The Thinker" -- Rodin casted over twenty of the bronze statues and Philadelphia ended up with one of them, we saw a bunch of random statues and various historical locations.

Day two opinion of Philadelphia: It is a very interesting city full of history, but I am put off by the number of homeless people Justin & I have seen -- I'm from New York, so that is saying a lot. Before we got on the trolley to get the morning started we were sitting in the park with the "LOVE" statue and a man said to Justin "Excuse me you're sitting in front of my home." He was sitting in front of a bush!!!

I have to get ready for pre-wedding drinks at Smokin' Betty's, but I'll keep everyone posted on my adventures in Philly.

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