August 8, 2010

Philadelphia Part Trois...

Sorry for the lack of updating the wireless network at the hotel isn't very good and it keeps crapping out. Since it is currently working I figured I'd attempt to post.

When I left you I had to go get ready for pre-wedding drinks at Smokin' Betty's. Once we were both ready we walked to the restaurant to meet up with everyone. We were amongst the first handful of people there, so we introduced ourselves to the people that were there and hung out with them. The groom and the bride eventually showed up. We hung out with the groom for the majority of the evening, enjoying the open bar that was provided. We were there for a few hours before Justin and I decided to head back to the hotel. I made the mistake of letting my drunken boyfriend lead us back to the hotel, what was originally a twenty minute walk end up taking us forever and a year -- He blames the GPS on his iPhone for the long walk. We ended up walking around in a big circle around the city -- I thought we were gonna get robbed by one of the many bums that wander the streets of Philly. Thankfully we eventually made it back to our hotel.

Saturday was spent wandering around looking for food and new shoes before the wedding. After accomplishing both of those tasks we took naps and got ready for the wedding. Once dressed we walked down to the Franklin Institute. On the way there I stepped on my dress thus ripping a hole in it -- I in turn bitched Justin out for making me walk to the wedding. We got to the Franklin Institute around 5:45pm as instructed and waited in the room housing the "Space Command" exhibit before entering the Fels Planetarium for the ceremony. It was a pretty neat Indian ceremony. After the ceremony we walked upstairs for cocktail hour in the room housing the exhibit "The Giant Heart: A Healthy Interactive Experience." After getting nicely buzzed with Justin's college friends, we headed into the room that is home to the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial for reception. We had dinner, drank, danced and ate dessert before handing out to a bar with Justin's friends so that they could watch the end of the UFC fight. We hung out for a bit and then headed back to our hotel room.

Today (Sunday) was spent sleeping in and then hanging out with Justin's friend Dino and his girlfriend before they headed back to Boston. We wandered around Reading Terminal Market, ate ice cream, walked through Chinatown, drank bubble tea and smoothies, did some historical stuff before going our separate ways. Again, Justin and I napped before hopping on a trolley to find dinner before heading out on a ghost trolley tour. The tour was pretty neat, the guide was excellent and we had a nice time. So, that has been Philadelphia days three and four.

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