September 14, 2010

Boisterous Weekend...

The minute I walked into work this morning I was greeted by my Director who found the need to say to me "You shouldn't call in sick after such a boisterous weekend." I was instantly enraged (Not that I was in a great mood coming into work) and I went straight to the Children's Department, turned the computers on and deleted all but two of my coworkers from my Facebook™ friends list. When they figure it out and ask me why I did it I'm going to tell them it is because they are a bunch of big mouthed bitches and that me going out Friday and Saturday had nothing to do with me calling out yesterday.

I was feeling better for a while at work, but my ear eventually started to hurt and I got dizzy -- This is one of the things that can happen when my temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) flares up. I tried to wait it out to see if it would go away and it didn't, so I had to call my father to bring me home because I wasn't going to drive dizzy. So, I lasted all of three hours and went home sick. So, no interesting stories for today.

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