October 11, 2010

Day Two: NYCC '10...

Sorry I didn't actually post this on Saturday or Sunday. After we left the Con Saturday the rest of weekend just ended up being crazy busy.

Saturday my friend and I left early so that we'd get to Comic Con early enough to get seats for the "Your Highness" panel with James Franco and Danny McBride. While waiting for the panel to start we saw this guy whom we had met the day before running around and taking pictures for Vitamin Water. We said hi to him, he took a photo of the two of us and right before the panel started he ran up to us with two bottles of Vitamin Water and told us to enjoy the panel -- Yay free beverages!

After the "Your Highness" panel, my friend and I started to wander around. She bought some Star Trek action figures for her and her boyfriend. Eventually my boyfriend called and said he was on his way with his cousins, so we headed towards the main entrance so he wouldn't have to "wander amongst the freaks to find us." He and his cousins found us and we headed toward Artist Alley and then the main hall. It was crazy crowded, so after a long period of time just trying to waddle through crowds we decided to head down to the Anime Festival.

The Anime Festival portion just ended up being a mini Artist's Alley for random artists and what looked like a bunch of prints from deviantART. But Justin's cousin loved it, she was dressed up like Ed from Full Metal Alchemist and she kept getting stopped for pictures and people came over to hug her -- It was cute.

Eventually she received a text from one of my Drawing Club kids whom she is friends with so we battled the crowd so that she could find him -- It took forever to get through that crowd. She saw him for all of two minutes because you just couldn't stand around because of the crowds and we had to be herded off with the other cattle. We tried shopping for a bit, but it wasn't happening so we went down to the food court to get something to eat. This also took forever and the food was horrible, I should have just walked to the street with my friend and gotten something from a street vendor for lunch.

After finishing the terrible pizza Justin and his cousins went to look around the main hall, while my friend and I decided to go into the IGN Theater to wait for the V panel to start. But we sat there for a bit and decided that if we actually waited and sat through the entire V panel that we'd be super late for the dinner that we had planned with our friends later on that evening, so we decided to leave NYCC and go back to my house to change into normal people clothing.

Panels Attended: 1
"Your Highness"

Photos Taken of Me:
Photos Taken of My Friend: 2

NOTE: I have a pretty awesome story that is NYCC related, but since it's not yet known to the World I can't spill the beans, but once it is I'll post about the epicness.

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