October 11, 2010

Teen/Tween Reading Club Party...

Today my day consisted of a million notes taped on to my desk pertaining to a half a million various topics -- Mostly the teen/tween reading club party that I had to throw this fine evening. It was crazy the number of instructions taped to the desk. I don't need someone to hold my hand through every step of planing a pizza party for teens and tween, geez.

After plowing through all of the notes on my desk I had to get the ball in motion for the party. I had to figure out how many children RSVPed and how many children would just show up without any warning (I actually lectured the children who didn't RSVP about needing numbers to know how much food to buy, etc). I got the proper amount of money to order pizza and drinks for the children, then I called the pizza place hours ahead of time telling them that I needed four pies by 6:00pm. Once this was all done I didn't actually have to do anything until it was time for me to set up the room with the prizes and such.

The party lasted from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and the seventeen kids that showed up ate all four pies that I had ordered and made a mess of the room during the process. But they had fun so it was all good. I made sure everyone won a prize and that they were all happy. So the party was a success and I don't have to worry about another one for several months.

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