October 28, 2010

Retirement Party...

Yesterday we had a retirement party at the Library for one of the ladies that works in my department. After sixteen years of employment here she is leaving to do whatever it is that old people do after they retire.

It was a nice party thanks solely to me. My Department Head went on vacation last week into the middle of this week and left me with the task of harassing the entire staff for money to buy the retiree a gift & a cake. I collected all of the money, picked up the gift (an iPod Touch®), ordered & picked up the cake, as well as put together, order and pick-up lunch for my Department. I did everything for this woman's retirement party without any help from my coworkers.

As I was walking in yesterday with my huge purse, the gift, the half sheet cake and lunch (after being soaked by the rain) I got stupid comments from "Julia" and "Amy" about needing help or not doing something. "Julia" had the nerve to say to me that I didn't order her lunch -- That stupid stuttering bitch didn't tell me what she wanted or give me any money (I'd rather die than spot her a penny) , so no I didn't order her lunch. And "Amy" was all "Why didn't you ask us for help?!" Maybe because you are two of the stupidest people I have ever met?

Aside from my stupid coworkers the party went well. The retiree loved the gift and the whole party. She actually just called me here at the library to tell me how much she appreciated everything that I did and how much she enjoyed it. That made all of the bull worth it.

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