November 23, 2010

Circulation Storytime...

For some reason we had a class visit during an odd time today (we typically have them while we're closed in the morning so that the class has the library to themselves and that other patrons aren't around) and thankfully "Julia" was in charge of it -- I hate being in charge of class visits. Seeing as the sound of "Julia's" voice makes me clench my jaw I decided that I'd go down to Adult Reference and intern for an hour. While I was downstairs "Julia" brought the children down to the circulation desk to check out the books that they picked out while they were in the Youth Services Department. After all of the children finish a weird thing happened, "Julia" started reading them a picture book in front of the Circulation Desk.

Why the hell would you have children sit down in the middle of a high foot traffic area and read them a story?! Don't you realize that you aren't in the Youth Services Department and that there are employees and patrons working on various things that don't want to listen to your annoying ass voice reading to a bunch of elementary school aged children?! I don't know what the hell is wrong with that woman. She actually brought it up to me later and said how cute it was. I wanted to tell her it wasn't and that she actually pissed off several Adult Reference Librarians to the point where they brought it up to the Assistant Director. She is such a pain.

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