November 22, 2010

Toy Drama...

Last week I got pissed off with the lazy ass parents that come to the library and ignore the mess that their children make when they play in the picture book room and I took all of the toys & coloring sheets out of the room. Since I pulled the toys & such we haven't put them back into the room to make a point to the parents, and they still aren't getting it. Everyday since last Thursday afternoon we've gotten two dozen parents asking where everything is and when we explain to them why we took the toys away we get bitch face and them going "Oh, I guess you're right..."

Today we had the bitchiest mother. She stormed up to the desk asking what happened to the toys, the Department Head told her what happened and why we pulled the toys and all this bitch could say was "We came here early just to play with the dinosaurs!" She kept asking if we could give dinosaurs to just her son, that she'd clean up after him (she's a liar, she is one of the worse offenders in the non-cleaning mommy ring) and the Department Head said no she couldn't because if she gave her son toy, she'd have to give everyone else's kids toys unless she wanted a fight on her hands. The woman said that was fine, she'd fight with the other moms. My Department Head said she'd rather not have a fight and declined giving her the toys. They ended up reading books (what a concept in a library!) with another mother and both mothers left the books all over the room when it was time to go to the program they came in for -- These bitches can't even put books away.

Also apparenlty another mother, whose name I didn't recognize when it was said to me, called our Director to complain to him about the lack of toys. I don't understand why these mothers think that we have to have toys, we don't. We have them because we are a Family Place Library™ and we want to be a family friendly place. But we also aren't maids and we don't get paid to clean up after random peoples children. I'll keep you up-to-date on the toy drama.


  1. You forgot about the page who almost got a concussion that one time... =P

  2. Oh, I mentioned it to the bitchy mother today and she didn't seem to care. She was an evil woman.