November 2, 2010

I Hope That One Day "Julia" Is Eaten By Zombies...

My day went as follows... I was woken up before 8:00am by my sister and my father on a day where I didn't have to be at work until 1:00pm. They woke me up to tell me that my sister's tire was flat and that she needed to borrow my car so that she could get to work. Being half asleep I told them to go to town and take the car. It was later on that I realized that I would too at some point need to get to work -- This is when I texted Phil and asked him to drive me to work, being an awesome bestest friend he did so.

Once at work I witnessed a potential replacement for my newly retired coworker being shown around the room by my Department Head. Seeing as he is the only interviewee that I saw I dubbed him "Victim #1" -- I honestly have no idea what is going on interview wise aside from the fact that they have interviewed four people and it is time to debate their fates, I will keep you posted on the matter.

While she was walking "Victim #1" around my Department Head told me not to disappear because she needed to talk to me. Dun dun dun... Eventually we were alone in the office and she expressed to me that "Julia" had come up to her to complain about my behavior during the preparation for the retirement party. Basically she bitched that I didn't order her lunch (See Retirement Party for the full back story). Thankfully my Department Head stood up for me and pointed out to "Julia" that if she didn't tell me what she wanted nor gave me money that she obviously wasn't getting anything. When one of my other coworkers ("Emily") heard what had happened she pointed out to the Department Head that I was no way at fault, so "Julia" can suck it. I'm totally ripping her a new one tomorrow.

After that excitement the rest of the day was quite slow until a mother called demanding to know why her child was kicked out of the library. We had no clue what this woman was talking about because we didn't kick out or yell at anyone today. It was a weird phone call.

The rest of the evening was spent talking to "Favorite Page #2" about zombies and horror movies. We talked about what we'd do and where we would go if zombies attack, it was an awesome conversation that confused "Emily" very much so.


  1. Oh man, I wish I was there to talk about zombies!!!! MISSING YOU! Keep me posted on the victims =) haha

  2. It was an epic zombie conversation. We can have one when you come back to visit.

    I shall post about the victims, but there currently isn't any new news.