December 15, 2010

No Elevators Or Internet...

Today was my first day back at work since my unfortunate injury. Thankfully it was a slow day, this was mainly attributed to the fact that the library's elevator broke and our internet was down for hours. It was awesome telling all of the bad teens I deal with that no they couldn't go on the computers because the internet was down. A few got pissy with me, but the majority of them just up and left. I think we should start telling them the computers don't work on a biweekly basis.

Also, I only had to answer the question "How did you hurt your back?" about six times, which was way less than I expected. Huzzah! All in all it was a decent day. "Julia" and "Amy" left me to my own devices and I finally got to see "Favorite Page #1" (we went out for lunch) who returned from college on Monday. Very good day minus random back pains.

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