December 17, 2010

Bad Thursday...

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that the first half of yesterday sucked. I got to work to discover that the internet was still down (we were without internet access for twenty-four hours), my back was still hurting me and there was foolishness going on. I had to deal with stupid questions, patrons taking down our decorations so their kids could play with them, the new dress code policy and "Julia's" stupidity.

"Julia" called around 10:30am asking if our Department Head was in. I told her she wasn't and I asked her if she could go to one of the local preschools for me at 1:00pm because my back was still hurting me and holding a picture book properly for a half an hour wasn't going to help my situation. She said yes and I said to her that I'd see her a 12:00pm. Fast forward an hour and a half, she calls back and tells me she didn't realize that she had to be in at 12:00pm and it would take her about an hour to get in from where she lives (at this point I'd been alone in the department for an hour sans internet). I got pissed and called our Director's office to tell him what happened. He decided to call the preschool t0 tell them that we were short staffed and that we wouldn't be able to come read to the kids. He came down to my department to ask me questions and write a note to the Department Head about "Julia" being late. As he was sitting there with me guess who strolls in? She showed up at 12:45pm and there was a frantic conversation about the preschool visit that ended with her running out to go to the school.

I hate that she doesn't seem to understand the repercussions of her stupid behavior. Her coming in late left me the sole librarian in the Youth Services Department, forced me to have to take a later lunch break and she caused me to have a headache.

The day started to get better once I got back from lunch. The internet came back on, I met "Favorite Page #1" for a quick coffee break before she had to come in for work, she gave me the cutest pink earrings that she made for me, we ate the chocolate peppermint cake I made and we made a date to go to Alice's Tea Cup.

Another bright spot in my cloudy day was when one of the patrons I know found out that I was going to see Weezer at Roseland this weekend and he told me he does security for Roseland and he was gonna try to hook me up -- I actually have to call him later.

After work I went home to get ready for my father's work holiday party. I must say I had way more fun at his party than I had at mine. The food was wonderful, they had an open bar with good booze, a great DJ and I knew tons of people. I got drunk, danced with friends and even a few patrons. It was a good time.

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