December 7, 2010

Return Of The Prodigal Librarian...

Today was my first full day back at work since I got sick last week. It went by relativity quickly because I spent the majority of the afternoon reading "The Gollywhopper Games" by Jody Feldman for a book discussion I'm having tomorrow night and the other half of my shift working on my internship journal for my class on Thursday. So I really didn't do much, but I did have to yell at and kick a girl out for picking up a chair and going after a boy with it -- She claimed that he threw it at her, thus she picked up to go beat him with it. The security guard knew that her mother was in the building so he went to tell her what had happened.

Also in todays news, the new woman (I think I shall call her "Sarah") started asking my Department Head about the holiday party on Friday and decided that she was going to come and sit with us. This woman started working at the library last week and she wants to come to the holiday party?! What the hell?! I'm totally not sitting with her. I will be seated with my sister, my work BFF, "Leslie" and a few select other individuals that do not include the new woman.

In other news, my Department Head actually told "Sarah" that I was so loud because I am Cuban. I mean it is totally true, because Cubans have no idea what inside voices are. But I just couldn't believe it. I guess this one will have to go up there with my Director calling me a pink haired bitch last month.

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