January 20, 2011

Bookless Bitchy Thursday...

The minute I walked in today I was bombarded by bullshit. I didn't even get my coat off before it started. First it was a one of the kid's mothers annoying me because she and the other mothers think that everything should be handed to them. In my chaotic December I forgot to call them to tell them there was a bunch of copies of the January Boy's Book Club book in, so none of them though to call or come in to check on the status of the books. She was trying to convince me to push back the meeting a few weeks -- That ain't happening.

After I get her to go away and I head back for my desk "Julia" walks into the office to ask me how we are working out our dinner breaks because she was working until 7:00pm and she had to go to a meeting. She was complaining at 1:05pm that she was already feeling hungry. I wanted to tell her to go to hell and pick something up before she went to her stupid meeting.

When she left I was stuck alone with "Sarah" for four hours. I refused to talk to her the entire time and just ordered books. I answered a bunch of chaotic phone calls from program providers and people looking for our monthly stats. I was pissed at my Department Head for working a half day.

Around 4:10pm on of my other coworkers calls me freaking out telling me that she is lost in an area that I am semi-familiar with. So, I ended up starting my storytime late because I was guiding her to her destination -- Thank God for the internet and online maps. Once I was done with my ten kid storytime, I was scheduled to go straight to dinner but "Julia" was late. So I waited forever and a year to get my hour break. My break was peaceful, but the rest of my evening was spent yelling at teens. I was so happy when 9:00pm rolled around.

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