January 19, 2011

Monday To Wednesday In Bullets...

Things that have happened since my last blog post.
  • I started going to the gym again with Miss. Erin and I've been to the gym every night for the past three days.
  • The printer in the computer room had an odd error message, so I called "Derek" to tell him and when he asked me what happened I told him there was glitter in it. He believed me and wouldn't come to Youth Services to fix it until I called back fifteen minutes later and told him I was kidding about the glitter -- He really thought there was glitter in the printer and cursed me out for it.
  • I was forced to sit and draw with the Youth Advisory Board kids.
  • "Sarah" is officially on my shit list. I was telling the security guard about Erin and I going to the gym with our goal date being our friend's wedding because we're both bridesmaids. He wanted to see the dress that was picked, so I was showing him and "Sarah" asks to see them. She gives me the nastiest look and says "Oh... She picked that..." and then she proceeded to ask me where she was getting married and I said the Wynn in Las Vegas, she looks at me and says "Oh... I stayed at the Wynn when I was in Vegas last. I didn't like it there..." I wanted to punch the bitch.
  • I got a second glimpse of my sister's new boyfriend, whom is having dinner with my family plus Justin on the 30th.
  • "Julia" congratulated me on my engagement -- She heard me talking wedding stuff and thought that Justin asked me to marry him. I thanked her and said that I was talking about my friend's wedding and that if I was indeed engaged I wouldn't have been quiet about it.
  • I went to the mall with Erin and Phil to find one specific item, which they didn't have.
  • I got my first piece of fan art that I must post as soon as I upload the pictures I took of it -- Shout out to "Favorite Volunteer #1" and her madd ill art skills.
  • "Mama Page" finally got to go home from the hospital.
  • I've been trying to prove to my Department Head that songs and finger plays have no place in Preschool Storytime.

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