January 4, 2011

Computer Room Chaos...

For the first time in months we had a huge problem with the tweens and teens that come in. A bunch of them were on the computers and when their hours were up we told them they had to get out of the room. Some of them walked out and thought they were being slick by going to our outside computers, while a bunch of them just continued to sit in the computer room. The kids outside formed a big group and they started talking loud and cursing so "Emily" (who has not been here in almost a month) went and said something to them. One of the girls starts mouthing off, telling "Emily" that she was a bitch, etc. This pisses "Emily" off even more than she already was and she tells them loudly that they have to leave. The mouthy girl keeps running her mouth to the point where I tell them all just to stop and go home. They all get up and walk into the computer room. So "Emily" walks into the room and shuts the computer off that one of the girls who was supposed to have gotten off was working at off, thus causing this girl to go batshit. She started cursing, saying that she was gonna have her mother come up here and curse us out. We told her that was nice and that she needed to get out. No one was moving, so I paged for the guard over the loud speaker. This caused the Director to run into the department, which was good because he saw exactly what was going on. With him around we got them out and they are not allowed to come back for a few days.

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