January 4, 2011

Tattoos & Yogurt...

Yesterday I started off my day by going to a mock Newbery Award meeting where a bunch of librarians sat around drinking coffee, defending eight selected titles, having group discussions and then voting on their favorite titles. It was super boring. I hate mock award meeting and I unfortunately have to go to another one on Wednesday.

After the meeting and a lunch break I headed back to the library for a couple of hours of work, which were relatively dull. With the exception of a tween telling our security that she was going to stab him in the head.

When I was free from the library is when all of the fun happened last night. I started off by having dinner at a diner with Phil and Erin. Then the three of us accompanied Maria to get two tattoos (I know getting a tattoo is on my "No Regrets" list but I'm working on that happening at the end of the month) on each of her wrists -- One is a Gemini symbol and the other I can unfortunately not tell you, but it's a Chinese character.
After watching her getting tatted up we drove to go get some Red Mango®. On the way there we saw a little dog without an owner, so we flipped around to go save it. We picked it up to take it somewhere safe and as we were a woman ran up to us saying it was her dog and thanking us. We proceed to get some Red Mango® and then we ended up driving around aimlessly for hours talking and carrying on. It was an excellent evening that I should be having a repeat of on Wednesday when the four of us head on our next adventure.

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