January 30, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday...

Friday: Worked 9:00pm - 5:00pm and then I headed over to Justin's so that we could meet up with a bunch of people for dinner at this new Italian restaurant. It was a good time. We were there for a few hours, eating and drinking, talk, etc. It was a nice night.

Saturday: I spent my day working and only had a few random things happen. I had some of the weekday bad teens come in, adults sitting on each others laps in the picture book room and annoying children on the computers. After work I had dinner with Justin at one of our favorite restaurants, then we went bowling and had dessert with two of our friends.

Sunday: Justin and I went to my house for dinner with my family and my sister's new boyfriend. My sister made dinner and I made dessert -- I aimed to make a chocolate raspberry cake and I messed it up because Justin was there judging me, I did save what I could & made cupcakes. We had a nice afternoon/evening with no fighting or anything.

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