January 27, 2011

Phone Chain...

Last night "Amy" called me to tell me that the library was having a delayed opening, so I proceeded to call "Emily" who is my person to call on the chain and she didn't answer. So I was forced to call "Sarah" about the delay. She answers the phone, I say what I gotta say and in her bitch tone she replies "Well, opening at 10:00am doesn't affect me..." I told her I was just playing the phone chain game and that she just needed to call the next person. She made another rude comment and I hung up on her. After I called my Department Head so quickly to tell her there was no way in hell I'd be calling "Sarah" ever again about anything. She just laughed at me.

Thankfully this morning when the next phone chain call was going on "Emily" answered so I didn't have to call "Sarah". I did tell "Emily" about what "Sarah" had said to me when I called her last night so that she was warned about her rude answers.

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