January 10, 2011

Visiting Hours...

"Favorite Page #1" and I went to visit "Mama Page" in the hospital after we got off from work today. She seemed to be doing well despite the some stitches, a few missing teeth and a little less tongue -- She lost a bit of her tongue in the accident but she spent the whole time talking to us. We told her about the rumors going around the library as to what had actually happened to her, the return of mouthy girl (she was at work to witness the first half of that saga), how awesome it would be if she got a gold and diamond grill to replace the teeth she lost, as well as other random topics. We hung out with her until visiting hours were over and told her we'd return on Wednesday if we could and if there wasn't a blizzard.

Tomorrow she has to have an operation because there is something wrong with her spleen, but after that she should be fine. I can't wait for her to come back to work.

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