June 29, 2011

Bad Mommy...

Thinking about the mommies at the gym made me remember that I forgot to post about what one of those mommies (I shall call her "Bad Mommy #1" from hence forward) did last week.

On "Sarah's" last day a little boy started screaming and crying in the middle of the department with no shoes on. "Sarah" walked up to him and kept saying "Little boy where is your mother?!?!" (Not a question a scared two-year-old is going to answer). I noticed what was going on and walked up to them, I instantly recognized the child as "Bad Mommy #1's" son. So I calmly said his name and asked him where his mommy was (Me knowing his name seemed to calmed him down a bit). At this point our Department Head noticed what was going on and ran over to us and the flustered child. Just as she was about to run out of the room to look for his mother she swooped in on her cell phone like a bat out of hell and ushered her child along like nothing had happened. She apparently thought it was a good idea to leave her child alone while she went to the bathroom and make a phone call.

Oh, did my Department Head ream her out. She yelled at her for leaving her child unattended, for him not wearing shoes, for her not wearing shoes, for talking on her cell phone in the library, etc. It was great. She totally deserved it. She always walks into the library like she's the shit and that no one is better than her, so it was nice to see her get torn a new one.

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