June 28, 2011

Spotted: Librarian At The Gym...

Earlier today (Before I hurt my knee, obviously) I went to the gym with Erin and I was forced to interact with multiple mommies. I had two of the most annoying patrons we have at the library walk up to me at separate times asking me if I had just join the gym, blah blah blah...

Really?! Why do these people think I want to talk to them outside of the library, especially when I'm trying to walk uphill on a treadmill?!?! It reminded me of last summer and the patron on the beach -- I don't remember if I posted this or not, but last summer I was on the beach with Erin, Justin, etc. and I was stopped by a woman who was like "You work at the library!!" while I was in my bathing suit about to jump into the water. It wasn't cool, nor were the events of today.


  1. Thankfully, my interactions with patrons outside of the library have been very limited. Guess your post is yet another reason to avoid the gym... that and because I'm a complete lazy fat ass.