June 27, 2011

Off Duty Librarian's Weekend...

This was the first full weekend I've had off in a few weeks and I had a lot of things to do in it. Here is what I did...

I slept in until about 10:00am, got up and proceeded to get ready for the various events I had to attend throughout the course of the day. Once I was dolled up I headed over to Justin's apartment so that we could get some lunch and then head over to his cousin's house for her graduation party.

The graduation party was painfully boring. Not one conversation had throughout the course of the party could make up for how much it sucked, there was no music or anything, etc. Even the fact that "Favorite Volunteer #2" was there could make up for how much that party blew, and he typically amuses me whenever he is around -- If you're wonder, he was there because they were each others prom dates.

After suffering through a brief period of time at the party (We only stayed two hours) we headed over to our friend's house so we could go into New York City and go to Eataly. As soon as we got to their house we were thrown into yet another family party. But unlike the other one it didn't suck. We hung around the house for about an hour before finally leaving.

Walking into Eataly we were all slapped in the face with total sensory overload. It was glorious. It was filled with so many things we didn't know where to go first or what to look at (I actually lost Justin on more than one occasion because there were so many places to go and tons of people there). Eventually we made our way to La Piazza after making a reservation to go to the rooftop bar Birreria. At La Piazza we waited around until we could sneak over to a table to sample various Italian meats, cheeses and wine -- It was all awesome. I obviously didn't eat the meat, but everyone else said it was great.

When we finished up our wine and cheese my friend mentioned gelato and Justin got super excited, so we headed over to the Gelateria and got the best gelato I've ever had (And I had gelato in Italy). We went and had espresso, bought some food to bring home and eventually we got a text message saying our table was ready at Birreria. By the time we got the text we were all full, but we had to head to the roof to check out the bar. The boys had a few drinks, my friend's girlfriend and I soaked up the atmosphere and then we eventually left.

If you have a chance to visit Eataly I would totally recommend it.

Sunday: Justin and I slept in, got up, blah blah blah... After doing various morning/afternoon routines we decided to take the food we bought the night before and have a picnic at one of the local parks. We went, had a nice lunch, went to the batting cages, etc. It was a fun afternoon.

After leaving the park we went to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried so that I could plant new flowers -- The flowers that I had planted in previous years were recently killed when they had to dig up a near by grave to bury someone, because they threw the dirt on my grandparent's grave. I planted the new flowers, had a conversation with my grandmother and headed over to visit some of Justin's relatives that are buried there also.

Eventually we headed back to Justin's apartment where I ended up passing out during the Mets game. When I woke up I decided to go home because I promised Erin and Nicole we all watch the season premiere of True Blood -- Which was awesome.

I did a lot more than I had been doing in previous weekends and I had a great time. Next weekend in Fourth of July weekend and I've got a bunch of things planned for that. I'll let you all know how that goes.

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