July 25, 2011

Library Day In The Life Project...

Sharon (@ReadingChick on Twitter) suggested that I take part in the 'Library Day in the Life Project' and document a day in my library life after I Tweeted about my decision to tally how many times I say "Stop running" throughout the course of a week. So here it goes...

Scheduled Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Arrival: 8:50am
  • Spent the first 30 minutes of the day having casual chit chat with "Marie" and my Department Head. (Talked about our weekends, Erin jumping out of a plane because it's her birthday today, etc.)
  • Wore a fake mustache for a bit.
  • Ate breakfast in between reference questions.
  • Canceled a craft program that I was supposed to have on Wednesday because only one person signed up to do it.
  • Dealt with several annoying mothers. Mommy #1 was annoyed at our lack of coloring sheets & I had to explain to her why we don't have anymore. Mommy #2 (aka "Bad Mommy #1") forgot yet again to bring in her child's birth certificate even though my Department Head put her in her place the other day.
  • Answered texted messages from my friend's boyfriend about a party my sister and I are throwing in a few weeks.
  • Dealt with questions pertaining to the kiddie program that was going on throughout the course of the morning.
  • Looked through various blogs (The Dainty Squid, Little Messy La, etc.) and Etsy shops to get ideas for crafts.
  • Answered some reference questions.
Lunch Break: 1:01pm-2:01pm
  • Got a phone call from a mother looking for her teenage daughter who should have been home already after finishing up her volunteering hours for the day -- Her daughter was still here, she is gabbing with her friends at a table.
  • Watched a father walk back and forth from the OPAC to the stacks attempting to find books on his own -- I told him if he needed help I'd get the books for him, he insisted on doing it himself because he didn't wanna "bother" me.
  • Tried to find books for a 12-year-old boy that was visiting for the summer from Costa Rica who needed to strength his reading in English.
  • Signed up kids for computers.
  • Accused a teenage boy of leaving porn running on a computer last time he was in the library.
  • Dealt with one of the annoying mothers that comes in with her bad little children. He son wanted a book on the Little Mermaid that wasn't the Disney, but she didn't know what exactly he wanted. So there was a lot of guessing on my part.
  • Had meaningless chit chat with "Amy" for a bit.
  • Explained to a teenager from out of district why we no longer had a manga club.
  • Signed up more kids for computers.
  • Told the same girl several times that she needed to stop running in the library -- She didn't listen.
  • Helped parents find their kids books from the school summer reading lists.
  • Read the Huffington Post.
  • Signed someones kid up for the craft that was going on that evening.
  • Was inspired to find photos of awesome things made of Legos to show my Department Head after reading an article in the Huffington Post.
  • Told my Department Head about said pictures when she came back to work the evening (She was working a split shift).
  • Told everyone I'd see them tomorrow.
Departure: 5:03pm

And that was my day at work. Not very eventful, but not super boring. It was an okay day.

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