July 25, 2011

Birthday Sushi...

After leaving work I went home and noticed that Erin posted on Facebook that she wanted to go out for sushi. I gave her a call and she was excited that I was such a good Facebook stalker, so I headed over to her house to get her and we waited around a bit for Maria to arrive so that we could all have dinner together.

Once Maria arrived and parked, we headed over to our favorite sushi place to have birthday sushi. We ate, talked about various things and eventually decided that we wanted to drive 30 minutes away for a cookie. The place was closed, so we headed back to my house so they could see my cousin before she left to go back home. We hung out there for a bit before going over to our other friend's house for a birthday toast. We drank our wine, talked for a bit and then I dropped Erin and Maria off.

It was a fun evening and Erin was happy with how her birthday ended up. I was glad she enjoyed her birthday since last year she spent her birthday on her couch vomiting into a bucket because she drank too much the night before (Erin's 25th birthday post: "Happy Birthday Erin"). Yay for no vomit!

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