July 19, 2011

Misfit To The Rescue...

As I was sitting in Starbucks with "Favorite Page #3" waiting for "Favorite Page #1" to arrive (We were gonna have late birthday coffee) I got a phone call from Erin saying that she and Maria were stuck on the side of an industrial road because they ran out of gas. I appologized to "Favorite Page #3" and asked her to tell "Favorite Page #1" I was sorry and give her the mini cupcake I bought her.

I drove to where they were stuck, busted out my emergency kit (Thanks Mom!!), got out the gas can, had the girls jump in my car and we got some gas but not without a little chaos. I filled up the weird collapsible can and couldn't get the cap on, so I ended up getting gas all over me (I still smell like a gas station after washing my hands 50 million times) and my car -- As I was struggling with the can Erin was taking pictures.

Eventually Maria went inside the station, got some one that worked there and he tried to help, but we ended up having to buy a new gas can (Which Maria ended up giving to me as a gift for helping). I drove them back to the car, filled up the tank with whatever gas was left in the new gas can and followed them as they drove back to the gas station and filled the car up.

It was so ridiculous and funny. I'm glad I was able to save them.

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