July 19, 2011

While You Were Gone...

Apparently interesting things still occur even when I'm not in the library -- Who would have thunk. While I was on vacation last week "Marie" and "Julia" had it out over ceiling fans ("Marie" ended up blowing up on "Julia" after she got snippy with her for turning the fan off), a man came into the department with his child wearing only a Speedo® (There is obviously more than one problem with this, but the main one was that he had a huge package and you could see everything. They had to call the Director down. It wasn't pretty I heard) and they interviewed replacements for that evil bitch "Sarah's" job (I wish I would have been around for it because I know within 5 minutes of meeting a person if I'll get along with them or not. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens). I honestly wish I was around when all of these things happened, but I still enjoyed my vacation and Miami still beats the library.

Aside from all of the above, I was told that the department was extremely quiet without me around -- This was half due to the fact that people weren't talking to one another and half because my awesomely obnoxious self wasn't around. My Department Head was telling me that it was deathly boring with out me around. I guess they need me around for there to be some life in this department.

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