August 9, 2011

I Think I'm Going To Need A Few Drinks...

As per usual I'm stuck in the library this not so fine Tuesday night, but something slightly interesting just happened. "Emily" just got a phone call from "Julia" who is apparently at home freaking out because she doesn't know where any of the materials for the craft tomorrow are. According to "Emily" she said that she is at home having a panic attack at the idea of not knowing where anything is and she is about to have a few drinks. Unfortunately "Emily" caved and told "Julia" that she'd look around and put everything she needs to do the craft on her desk.

I actually know where everything is but I refuse to tell that idiot where anything is. She should have looked around the damn office and then she would have found what she needed. Instead she called up before she left the building to ask me and then again just now. I really cannot stand this woman.

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