August 1, 2011

Return Of The Idiot...

Today was "Julia's" first day back from her vacation and it didn't even take her five minutes to piss myself and "Emily" off. She came into work at 5:00pm and as soon as she got in she plopped down at her desk and ate a tuna fish sandwich -- Which made me super nauseous. Five minutes after that she went upstairs and heated something else to eat up. Whenever she came back down she claimed that she was dizzy and she asked "Pamela" to do her program for her. As "Pamela" is getting ready to do the program "Julia" tells "Emily" that she hadn't eaten anything all day and that is why she thought she was dizzy. "Emily" told her to go to one of the store and get some real food, so "Julia" disappeared for fifteen minutes to get something else to eat. While she was gone I pointed out to "Emily" that she did eat and that that was all she had done since she had gotten to work. This pissed "Emily" off and so now we're both annoyed with her and we will both be talking to our Department Head about it tomorrow.

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