August 21, 2011

Saturday In The City...

Yesterday Justin and I headed into New York City for one of my college friend's 25th birthday party. We decided that we didn't wanna have lunch with them at Dallas BBQ (We both wanted pizza from Artichoke) and that we'd meet up with them at McSorley's. As we were heading downtown the subway we were going to take was out of services and we ended up wasting tons of time trying to get where we were going in some convoluted way Justin had "figured out" -- It was not pretty and I was not happy with Justin.

Eventually we got to Artichoke and he bought me a slice of pizza for all the trouble we had getting there. Once we were done eating our pizza we headed towards McSorley's. Once we were there we waited outside for about 10-15 minutes until everyone else showed up. The ten of us headed inside, got a table relatively quickly and began ordering obscene amounts of McSorley's Light and Dark.

After McSorley's we started heading towards Down The Hatch because the birthday boy wanted some fried brownies, but we ended up taking a detour at West 3rd Common because we saw the happy hour special as we were walking past. After a drink or two we headed to our intended destination. Once we got there we realized we still had tons of time to take advantage of their $1.00 draft and $2.00 shot specials. When my roommate arrived (She is always late) I asked her if she wanted to do a shot of Cafe Patrón with me, so we order two shots and we thought it wouldn't be part of the special but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was indeed -- I ended up changing the order from two to ten shots and we stood by the bar taking them all.

We spent a while at Down The Hatch and while we were there we ate, drank, I almost got into a fight with some douche, drank so more and eventually headed across the street to Karaoke Boho for some awesomely bad karaoke. Since there was a ton of us we decided to get our own room so that we'd only be embarrassing ourselves in front of each other -- Which obviously doesn't matter because we've all seen each other at the best of times and worst of times.

Some Of The Songs We Butchered:
  • Build Me Up Buttercup
  • We Didn't Start The Fire
  • Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • Time Warp
  • One Week
  • Torn
  • I'm On A Boat
  • The Edge Of Glory

My Favorite Haunts In NYC
(Bars & Restaurants)

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