August 31, 2011

Teen Reading Club Party...

Earlier today I threw the party that I mentioned yesterday for the teens that finished the reading club. I started setting up for the party hours before it even started. I took a sheet and hung it up to create a makeshift photo booth, I set up a table with the props I cut out and other various dress up items, set up my tripod, I put out a variety of junk food (candy, chips, pretzels, cupcakes, soda, etc.), we bought five pizzas, etc. -- I spent a lot of time and energy setting things up.

The teens arrived, the party went well but they wanted nothing to do with all of the photo booth stuff I set up -- "Mini Page" and "Favorite Page #2" were shocked that the teens that attended didn't want their pictures taken. They spent the majority of the party playing with all of the balloons I had blown up and left around the room -- I was amazed at how much balloons entertained them.

They might not have done what I set up but they all thanked me and said that they had a good time throughout the party and as they were leaving. I don't understand our teens.

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